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Because it’s on super sale, and it’s something you are going to wear ALL season long. You know I love a blazer (just search the website for some of my favs), but plaid and houndstooth is hot right now. You know the saying that everything that’s old is new again? Houndstooth was in my wardrobe […]

The Blazer You Need to Run to Target For

I sneak peeked this XOXO blazer on Instagram last week and I was overwhelmed by all of the love! I gotta admit, it almost didn’t happen! While pulling for a show with my styling assistant, we managed to find some things in the Last Act section at Macy’s, and she pulled this for herself to […]

The Golden Blazer

You know what’s hot for the season and right into winter? Velvet. You know what’s even hotter? A velveteen blazer. I remember my first one. It was 1994 and it was fuschia. My mom said I looked cute in it and it became a staple in my 2nd-grade wardrobe. Well, everything that is old is […]

The Velveteen Blazer: Two Ways

A linen blazer is a summer classic, and while one may say you shouldn’t invest in one with fall right around the corner, I say that’s so wrong! California may be the exception because it doesn’t get cold around here until late October, but if you don’t have a linen blazer, then you are missing out on […]

Linen Blazer Style

This year’s autumn feels especially magical if you live in a city with a lot of trees. The mornings have a crisp coolness. The leaves are dancing down the street with the wind – and with all of those little things that mean the seasons have in fact changed, I am getting so much inspiration […]

Fall Essentials from Garnet Hill

Two-Piece Sweater Set from Garnet Hill

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