Hey friend! 

I’m Kachet...

I’m a lifestyle content creator, creative business coach, and marketing consultant.

 My passion lies in inspiring others to live their best lives and pursue their dreams, no matter how big or small. I believe in embracing the unexpected and giving convention the middle finger.

I’m no mind reader, but I’m willing to guess you landed here because you

Are a content creator/influencer that wants advice from someone who’s as seasoned content creator and has also been on the brand side.

Enjoy decorating your home and entertaining and are always on the lookout for inspiration on how to create a gorgeous spread for your loved ones (without losing your mind)

Love to travel and are looking for places to add on your list and the best tips

Have a penchant for wine and enjoy discovering new ones and paring them in unusual ways.

You know what you want for your brand, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do next so you can get there

or maybe lifestyle is more your thing and you

Here, I’ve got a little bit of everything because all work and no play makes… well, you know how that saying goes. 

I started blogging over a decade ago as a hobby to break up the monotony of my first advertising agency job. I went out on my own eight years ago and in 2020, I decided to fuse my marketing & branding expertise and years of honing my craft as an influencer to teach solopreneuers and small business owners how to monetize and market themselves without losing themselves.

To make their “un-instagrammable life” something they’re proud of. 

Are you overwhelmed? Spinning your wheels trying to do all of the things?

Do you struggle to create the kind of trailblazing content that gets your audience to engage?

Do you dream of turning your passion for content creation into a job that PAYS?

Need the support and accountability to show up confidently online?

I'm the digital bestie you didn't know you needed to get to the next level. I do this through workshops and group coaching programs, where I give clear, easy-to-follow action-oriented steps on how you can make your dreams a reality. Think of our relationship as your express lane on the highway.

When I’m Not Hustlin…

When I’m not behind the screen or on a plane, I’m networking with other creatives, enjoying a glass of sparkling wine, cooking up a storm, watching the latest episode of Chopped with my husband and my Boston Terrier on my lap – or any combination of the previously mentioned.

Thank you for checking out my labor of love! Kick back and click around a bit. I can’t wait to connect with you