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Welcome, friend!

September is here and so is that summer-to-fall transition! Summer may be winding down but the temps are still running high! It’s easy to blame the heat for my apathy regarding putting together a look, but I think it’s just so much easier to just slip on a dress and run out of the door. […]

The Cargo Shift Dress

I am so happy to be back in the swing of things, especially getting back out and about at the many happenings in Sac, just like every summer. It’s seriously like clockwork over here. Every week there is something going on, and you really have to pick and choose what you’re going to take part […]

The Linen Ruffle Tank

For those days when it’s not going to get much better than your jeans and a plain tee, for those days when you need to command a little bit of extra attention, for those days when you ask yourself, “Should I?” Yes, you should. You need a statement jacket. With the change of seasons, bold outerwear […]

Why You Need A Statement Jacket

The blanket scarf…oh boy. If you could’ve only seen how many times I wrapped this thing around me until I found the right “look,” but it was all for the fashionable good. The blanket scarf is a must have this season in order to look remarkably chic and stay incredibly warm. Here are some tips […]

The Blanket Scarf

Have you heard? I’ve been featured in Sacramento News & Review’s Best of Sacramento 2015 roundup! It’s an absolute honor to be featured in this highly anticipated issue and it’s made even sweeter by having my mug on the cover – the glossy cover, at that. 🙂

Best of Sacramento 2015

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