1. Elaine says:

    omg. i love this post. i am in a state of WTH IS HAPPENING, although its related to my job and not a relationship. But, your words resonated with me and I am so happy I started at the last image on the ORC design page (not counting instagram only designers). I will be watching your process and cheering you along. And, I may get fired up in the process to do something here in my own life. All the best to you in this journey.

  2. Veronica says:

    I’m here cheering you on! I agree with Rebecca, this is a good step to take your mind off those said feelings. It’s a new season!

  3. Deborah Main says:

    You go girl!! Sounds like you’re going through a very rough patch in your life. I’m so glad your friend encouraged you to do ORC. You are right, it will give you something else to focus on that’s positive. And it will bring beauty and love back into your soul. So proud of you for sharing this publicly.

    I will definitely follow along. I’m also doing ORC for the first time, a blue bedroom. And even tho my husband sleeps in this room too, I’m doing it totally as a gift to myself. Something creative and fun for ME. Excited!!

    Please follow @thepillowgoddess and if you need a pillow to cheer you up, I’m your go-to for custom in all your favorite colors.

    Have fun with the ORC!! ❤

  4. Melissa says:

    Hope this challenge lifts your spirit. Cant wait to follow along your journey.

  5. christie says:

    You are like a phoenix rising from the ashes and your rebirth is going to be something to behold. Here for you, my dear friend!

  6. Robin says:

    Okay I thought I’m the only person that loved Mildred Pierce!!! Oh, and you’ll be fine, you’ll be better, we’re rooting for you lady!

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