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I’m Kachet and The Kachet Life blog is driven by entertaining, travel, business, and life hacks, but also dishes out advice for life’s more stressful moments. Enjoy!

Welcome, friend!

  Today is my birthday y’all! I am 27 years old. It’s not a milestone birthday, but actually as I typed that, I correct myself and say that any birthday that you are able to see is a milestone birthday. Thank you God for another year!

It’s My Birthday!

Hello! I hope your week is going well. I did a post awhile back on where to find deals, so I decided to do a refresher because now is the time to take advantage of some GREAT savings. I get questions about the places I shop pretty regularly – from co-workers, friends and strangers. It’s a little difficult because I shop […]

Where to Find Deals

Well, it seems like I have fallen off the wagon on posts again – but I am not giving up on The Lipstick Giraffe and I hope you aren’t either! In this entry I really want to open up a discussion about special occasions – and what defines that. You often hear people say, “Oh, […]

special occasions

Thanksgiving week is here! Two more days until Turkey day and three more days until the craziness that is Black Friday unleashes. Quick shout out to those working retail – I did three “Pink” Friday’s at Juicy Couture and it was brutal. As cliché as it is, I think it is absolutely necessary for me […]


I remember when I moved into the dorms…I was beyond excited.  Wasn’t everybody? In college and a new found sense of freedom! It was incredibly easy to meet people. As soon as you got in the elevator or walked out of the building. “Hi, I think you live on my floor. I’m so-and-so!” Fast forward two […]

making friends

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