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I’m Kachet and The Kachet Life blog is driven by entertaining, travel, business, and life hacks, but also dishes out advice for life’s more stressful moments. Enjoy!

Welcome, friend!

Duuude. How is it March already? We are almost done with Q1 of 2017 and while we have plenty of time left to conquer the year, we need to get to it. This month is going to be a busy one for me and I can hardly wait. I am really looking forward to building […]

What I’m Up To This Month

Today is the 5th anniversary of my grandma’s passing. To honor her memory, I decided to share a few “knowledge nuggets” from her over the years that have helped me get through this thing called life.

5 Things My Grandma Taught Me

  Testing, testing – is this thing on? Hey y’all! Yes, I am still here, alive and well. I was taking a “holiday hiatus” if you will, focused on spending time with loved ones and doing lots of self care. Despite a couple of detours, 2014 was a good year for me, and an even […]

TLG 2014 Year Rewind

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