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Y’all! It’s been on and poppin’ when it comes to One Room Challenge. I’m sorry that I have been lagging on these blog post updates, but my Instagram story game has been strong (you can catch up by checking out the highlight button on my profile called OneRoomChallenge). If you ever want to see how […]

One Room Challenge: Living/Dining Room – Week 3 + 4 Update

The Kachet Life - One Room Challenge - Ikea Pillow Hunt

Thank you so so much for your support of my announcement in my Week 1 post. I’m very excited about tackling this project with you all and really appreciate your support and suggestions. I’m going to keep it honest, Week 2 was a little anti-climatic. A TON is in progress right now which is going […]

One Room Challenge: Living/Dining Room – Week 2

Hey y’all. I’m proud to announce that I am a guest participant of this cohort of One Room Challenge. One Room Challenge is a widely anticipated biannual event every April and October, and provides an opportunity to share the process of transforming a room with a huge community to back you up. So many of […]

One Room Challenge – Living/Dining Room: Week 1

One Room Challenge - April 2019 - The Kachet Life

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