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Whenever one of my clients asks me about pitching brands and partners, I always ask “Do you have your media kit updated?” and I often get the 😬 look on Zoom. Yo, I’m not here to judge, but the media kit is one thing that is often neglected and leaves you scrambling when someone asks […]

What to Include Inside Your Media Kit

When’s the last time you set time to review your analytics? While we may be tracking our sales and invoices regularly, analytics are easy to forget but important to remember. Why? Well, let me tell you! For starters, it can answer that age old question of “What should I post on social media?” –  but […]

How to Review Your Analytics + Optimize Your Content

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One of the most popular topics that comes up during my coaching sessions, both group and individual, is brand partnerships and pitching. From what to include in the letter, when to send it, when to follow up – the list goes on. But, it starts with a few questions before you even get writing the […]

Pitching Brands: Questions to Ask Yourself First

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Finding the right tools for your business to operate is paramount when it comes to efficiency. Sometimes it takes a few trials of different tools to find the right ones for you. The ones I’m sharing in this post are tools that I have been using consistently for a couple of years now. I can’t […]

Must-Have Tools for Successful Solopreneurs

Must Have Tools For Successful Solopreneurs-The Kachet Life

Alt Summit. It feels like the other day and last year at the same time. This year marked my fourth year attending the annual conference, and this was also the third year it was in Palm Springs! Alt has opened so many doors for me over the years, and this time, I wasn’t just looking […]

Alt Summit 2020 Recap

The Kachet Life-Alt Summit 2020

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