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Welcome, friend!

This is volume one of three ways to wear sequins this holiday season (and beyond)! I remember when I first saw this sequined jacket. My friend Rebecca was wearing it in her Closet Case feature that followed after mine. This was in the infancy of my blogging tenure and we hadn’t met in person. Fast […]

Holiday Sequin Style: Volume 1

Every occasion needs a specialty cocktail. It’s true. I’m sure you’ve gone to weddings that had a cocktail that the bride and groom love. I’m sure you’ve gone to a holiday party and there is a twist on an old classic. They’re fun! Specialty cocktails add a little something to your party. This year, I’ve […]

The Nantucket Spritz

The holiday season is a great excuse to get dressed up and enjoy the company of others. I was so thrilled when Racquel of Racquel always invited me to be part of her little black dress shoot for the holidays! Since starting The Blog Bloc earlier this year, I have met so many wonderful people […]

Little Black Dresses for the Holidays

I am SO happy that fringe is still on trend. It’s been a favorite of mine for years, and I’ve even professed my love for it on the blog and social media over the years. Sure, I may feel a little Stevie Nicks in it, but she is pretty badass so I’ll go with it. […]

Fringe + Shaking Off Insecurities

Hey guys! Remember when I did Coolsculpting at Granite Bay Cosmetic back in June? Well, I have an important update for you. If you missed it or are new to The Kachet Life, welcome! You can catch up in my first Coolsculpting post here. First off, let’s re-familiarize ourselves with what Coolsculpting is! WHAT IS […]

My Coolsculpting Results

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