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Was it a dream, or was it real? Seriously, that was a question I asked myself for weeks after returning home from Dreams Vista Cancun.  Mexico is one of my favorite destinations (huge Cabo fan as you can tell here and here) for an easy fun getaway and escape. I’ve traveled through Cancun before (it’s […]

My Wonderful Stay at Dreams Vista Cancun

On my recent California visit, I was able to visit LangeTwins Winery, right in the heart of Lodi Wine Country with my good friend Christina. Being from Sacramento, Lodi has always been a go-to for me when it comes to experiencing great wines (hello, Zinfandel), but my first visit to LangeTwins upped the ante quite a […]

A Visit to LangeTwins Family Winery

LangeTwins Winery-Lodi Wine Tasting

Alt Summit. It feels like the other day and last year at the same time. This year marked my fourth year attending the annual conference, and this was also the third year it was in Palm Springs! Alt has opened so many doors for me over the years, and this time, I wasn’t just looking […]

Alt Summit 2020 Recap

The Kachet Life-Alt Summit 2020

This feels like the other day and like so far away at the same time, which means, as I write this and share that you should plan your trip to Sonoma County, I’m over here thinking to myself that I need to get something on the books, too! Well before I decked the halls, the […]

Wine Country Wellness: Plan Your Trip to Sonoma County

Vintners Resort-Vi La Vita Spa

You guys! I’m so excited to partner with GIG Car Share and share how they helped me win at supporting small businesses this holiday season – and how they can help you, too. Have you seen the black Chevy Bolts around town and wondered what they were about? Well, I’m here to tell you… What […]

Shop Local This Holiday Season with GIG Car Share

The Kachet Life-Shop Local Guide

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