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Every occasion needs a specialty cocktail. It’s true. I’m sure you’ve gone to weddings that had a cocktail that the bride and groom love. I’m sure you’ve gone to a holiday party and there is a twist on an old classic. They’re fun! Specialty cocktails add a little something to your party. This year, I’ve […]

The Nantucket Spritz

The Moscow Mule. I can’t remember the first time we were introduced, but I sure wish I did because I would’ve written it down so I could’ve made a declaration and pronounced it a holiday. It’s hands down my favorite drink to order aside from a glass of bubbly when I’m out, and I’ve turned many […]

Holiday Moscow Mule

Nothing dresses a home in winter better than a wreath. You can place them multiple places indoors and out, adding a touch of class to your home.  This season, why not make your own special wreath out of magnolia leaves? All you need are just a handful of supplies to get you going.

DIY: Magnolia Leaf Wreath

  It doesn’t matter if it happened 9 months ago or 9 years ago, losing someone you love is hard, and it seems like the pressure comes to a boiling point once the holiday music starts playing everywhere you go. Here are a few ways to cope and keep your loved one’s memory alive during the holiday season.

Keeping Someone’s Memory Alive During The Holidays

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