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Welcome, friend!

  Have you picked up the Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker issue?! If not, hurry and get one! This year, I’m one of them! I cannot express just how much it means to be featured in this way, especially given my history with the BH&G team and attending the event for years (read 2016 and […]

I’m a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker!

The Kachet Life - Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker Issue

I have really been wanting to connect with women entrepreneurs and women who are an integral part of family businesses. I made the statement, talked to a couple of friends about it, and put it on my list of things I’d start working on this summer. Well, putting the idea out into the universe gave […]

10 Minutes of Real Talk with Drybar Founder Alli Webb


You guys! I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Pinterest In The Making event and I am still pinching myself that I was even able to go. I learned SO MUCH about the platform, the people behind the magic, and how Pinterest is the only social media platform right now that truly has […]

My Key Takeaways from the Pinterest In the Making Event

If you follow bloggers, influencers or small businesses on Instagram, chances are that you’ve seen them participate in a loop or secret giveaway. For bloggers, they can be a way to grow your following and for businesses, a way to get in front of potential customers, but is a loop or secret giveaway right for you? […]

Loop and Secret Giveaways: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

You guys. A lot has been going on! So many great opportunities have happened to me/The Kachet Life in the Sacramento community, not to mention The Blog Bloc turned one this month! I feel like I just wrote the blog post telling you all that I was taking a leap. 🙂 It’s been an exciting […]

How I Got Out Of A Creative Rut

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