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With summer here, travel is back in full swing for 2023 — and for the days to come. I traveled every year of the pandemic, and having traveled a handful of times since the new year, the travel scene is very reminiscent of a time before COVID-19 was a thing. Given my own recent uptick […]

Traveling in 2023? Here are my best tips

My wellness journey has been a combination of movement and the right gear. As someone who has dealt with the symptoms of an autoimmune disorder for nearly two years, I know how important it is to take care of your body as well as your mind to look and feel your best. For me, one […]

3 Steps to Kickstart Your Wellness Journey and Support Your Mental Health

The Level Up Retreat took place in Dallas, TX March 3-5, 2023. It was my first time hosting a retreat and it definitely won’t be my last! The experience was all about getting things done, getting ideas and thoughts out of notebooks and into action. Level Up retreat included intensive hot-seat, 1:1 and group coaching […]

Level Up Retreat – Live Business Coaching Experience Recap

Y’all, Tinned fish is having a moment. It wasn’t until I was working with a specialty wine bar and shop last summer that I really learned how much. And then, of course, the TikTok virality of it. When you think of tinned fish, do you automatically go to sardines or tuna? Well, that’s what we’ve […]

How to Make a Tinned Fish Board

Was it a dream, or was it real? Seriously, that was a question I asked myself for weeks after returning home from Dreams Vista Cancun.  Mexico is one of my favorite destinations (huge Cabo fan as you can tell here and here) for an easy fun getaway and escape. I’ve traveled through Cancun before (it’s […]

My Wonderful Stay at Dreams Vista Cancun

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